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Ralphus or post them to the GIMP forum. 99 Women – A blonde prisoner (Maria Rohm) is whipped towards the end of this Jess Franco snoozefest. Unfortunately all of …

Traditionally, sexual access to quality women equates to status of the man. The top man who is most valuable to society would get his pick of women – one of his many rewards for being valuable to a group.

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This month Glamour magazine ran this photograph which has created quite a stir here in the US. It seems women desperately wa

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My first time at a nude beach was at Little Beach in Hawaii. I had gone over and stayed back from the beach getting up enough courage to go over to the beach.

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It was by accident on another site that I discovered what a popular topic men being paddled, birched, caned and whipped by women is. People are delighted to share experiences or – at least – what they claim to have experienced.

The first fragrance of the house was Tabu, created by Jean Carles 1932. Jean Carles was well known for his wonderful creations made of unusual materials

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Valve rolls back crackdown against sexual content on Steam Valve apologized for the confusion and said the games in question will be ‘re-reviewed’ for compliance.

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I don’t get all these comments… yes men watch porn. They have and they always will! All these women commenting here, seriously, what’s wrong with you?