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Nylon. Hilos Omega and La Espiga Nylon thread is the best and most versatile thread available for crocheting or knitting and many other crafts. It is 100% nylon and has a great shine, no hazy “fuzz” like cotton thread or yarn. It …

Desso is a Dutch carpet manufacturer who decided to re-engineer carpet tiles to make them more easily recyclable at the end of their life. It’s called engineering for remanufacturing or for disassembly, and we like this concept because our ECONYL® yarn is regenerated and infinitely regenerable, so we are always looking to collaborate …

HOME > Products > Filament Yarn > Nylon 6 Yarn: Nylon Yarn. Acelon was beginning with the productions of nylon flat filament and nylon air textured yarn. Since established in 1988, we continually expanding the production scale of nylon yarn and builting the warping plant, which made the name of ACELON famous as a domestic integrated …

Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers, based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides.Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material that can be melt-processed into fibers, films or shapes.: 2 Nylon was the first commercially successful synthetic thermoplastic polymer. DuPont began its research project in 1930. The first example of nylon …

Plymouth Brand . Literally lighter than air! Made of soft baby alpaca, warm merino wool and nylon. The structure of Aireado is unique as the fibers are blown through an ultra-thin nylon tube with air creating an airy yarn with extraordinary yardage.

Celebrate I Love Yarn Day October 14th . I Love Yarn Day turns seven on October 14th, 2017 and to celebrate we’re calling all fiber fans to share their affection for yarn and “stitch it forward” by teaching at least one newbie to knit, crochet, weave, spin or bomb.

Yarn consists of several strands of material twisted together. Each strand is, in turn, made of fibers, all shorter than the piece of yarn that they form.

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D 04-10-2018 1:11pm. While I love the Stroll yarns, and have made many pairs of socks with it as well as some other things, I hate that it’s almost impossible to find the end of the yarn for the center pull.

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C Cabled Yarn Two or more plied yarns twisted together. One or more part of a cabled yarn can be a single. So if you took two 2-ply and plied them again, you would have a cabled yarn.

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yarn (yärn) n. 1. a. A continuous strand of twisted threads of natural or synthetic fibers, such as wool or nylon, used in weaving or knitting. b. A similar strand of other materials such as glass or plastic. 2. Informal A long, often elaborate narrative of real or fictitious adventures; an entertaining tale. intr.v. yarned, yarn·ing, yarns Informal

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