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Mono is a group of passionate and highly skilled people devoted to perfection of art and excellence of service to our customers. Spread in Europe but also in China and in the USA, Mono Group is a worldwide supplier of state-of-the art car interior decorations.

Transport & Environment – Campaigning for cleaner transport in Europe

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Physical environment and cultural environment settings. Environment (biophysical), the physical and biological factors along with their chemical interactions that affect an organism or a group of organisms

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What is Global Warming? Global warming is described as the increase in the average temperature of the air situated close to the Earth’s surfaces, as well as the oceans throughout the world [1].

National River Care Fund (NRCF) National River Care Fund – Small Grant Programme is an initiative established by Global Environment Centre (GEC) to support local community, community based organisations/non-profit organisations to pursue their own river conservation initiatives.

From Concept to Operation to entire Eco-cities we can tell you how your buildings will perform and how you can save energy and money. Want to know how?

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STAR Reefers is one of the world’s leading specialised reefer vessel operators and owners. At the core of the company is a commitment to Quality, Safety and the Enviroment.

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A collection of online resources about designing and constructing underground buildings, including earth-sheltered and underground homes.

Exploring climate change and sustainability in our environment.

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